Every year we make a list of things we want to try, to change, to experience. Some of us actually work on the list while most of us put it away never to cross off a single item. Regardless it’s always important to have goals and strive for your best.

This year I’m going to make a list of 12 resolutions. Each month I’m going to focus on one item and maybe even do a post at the end of the month on the status to keep me accountable.

2018 Resolutions:

  1. Health! As I am getting older, it is becoming harder and harder to stay healthy. Weight doesn’t want to leave, sweets and carbs are too easily available and life gets busy. My goal is to eat greens everyday, drink more water, less carbs/sugar/junk.
  2. Move more! I work from home and find myself sitting for hours. I get trapped in a email vortex that is hard to get out of. I used to run and loved the challenge of it. I also have a spinning bike that I should knock the dust off of. Even if I just go for a walk my goal is to move more!
  3. Minimize. I hate clutter. I hate being unorganized. With 4 kids and life being busy, we have accumulated so much stuff. And then it expands overnight until I literally can’t even wipe down the counter without having to put junk away and make more piles of things to go through. I want to minimize everything in the house and garage into an organized dream. My goal is to live simply and organized by eliminating all of the unnecessary junk.
  4. Read. I have a pile of books that I’ve been dying to read for years. I get a highly recommended book and place it on top of the pile of other highly recommended books I’ve kept over the years. So my goal is to read 1 of these books each month.
  5. Eliminate debt! This is a big one for us. The old man and I are pretty good with money and have been budgeting and working off extra junk for years. This year it’s going to end and we will get on top of the debt. My goal is to pay more on our debts and put as much extra money towards it each month.
  6. Save. With 4 kids I often worry about the unknown and what-ifs. I don’t just want an emergency savings account. I want to be able to survive comfortably if something were to happen. My goal is to save up to 6 months to cover expenses and bills. Perhaps even more for the holidays and travel. My goal is to at least start and put away as much as we can each month.
  7. Invest. I have always been in awe of people who invest and how the stock market works. I’ve read a few books to help get started. Just changing my 401k I went from 3% interest to 19%!! My goal is to start investing in stocks big and small.
  8. Travel. I love to travel. My boys love to travel. My old man not so much. He’s never been on a plane, train or boat and I hope that changes this year. I want to get out there more and explore the world close and far. My goal is to travel at least every other month to places we or the boys have not been yet.
  9. Finish To-Do list from last year 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️. I wanted to organize my boys artwork, create their 1st year photo books, make yearly family yearbooks, finish my 2 youngest Christmas stockings, and more. I just want to do it and get them done. My goal is to tackle each item and actually get them done.
  10. Decorate the house. Since we moved in 3 years ago, we kind of threw what we had in. We wanted to put up a backsplash, redo the master closet, change lighting, put up shelving etc. My goal is to tackle one item a month to hopefully get it all done this year.
  11. Work on my blog. This amazing outlet of mine creates no extra income but is simply a passion of mine to be a voice for moms and to allow me creativity and fun. I want to increase my followers, perhaps even monetize it, and post more often. My goal is to continue my passion into a profitable passion.
  12. Stress less. I often find myself stressed about life, bills, kids, work, the list just goes on and on. I fall quickly and deeply into depression and want to end that. Life is too short. I know I have control over life and if I stay on top of the things that stress me out the most then I can live an easier, happier life. My goal is to not let things stress me out as much so that I can love life more and focus on my precious family.

Wow. Just writing all of this out makes me feel overwhelmed. I am going to tackle one item at a time and know that slowly I can resolve each item. Stay tuned for monthly updates to keep me accountable.

What are your resolutions this year and how do you plan on tackling them?

The Motherly Escape New Year Resolutions 2018 Be A Better You Just TryThe Motherly Escape New Year Resolutions 2018 Be A Better You Just TryThe Motherly Escape New Year Resolutions 2018 Be A Better You Just TryThe Motherly Escape New Year Resolutions 2018 Be A Better You Just Try


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